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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register my child?

If you have previously registered a child for a previous MABA season, you will already have an account established.  Click on the link “LOGIN” in the upper right-hand corner of the page and enter your credentials.  It will show you the available programs to register your child for. You can also follow the Register Now! link to navigate to the available programs on the bottom of the page. 

If you are new to MABA, click on “REGISTER” in the upper right-hand corner of the page to create an account.  This will be the account you use to register your child for all future seasons of little league.

When does registration open and close for spring baseball?

Registration for spring baseball typically opens in early December and remains open through the end of January.

When does the season start and end for spring baseball?

The season for Spring baseball typically begins on the first weekend of March. 

When does registration open/close for fall baseball?

For all divisions, registration for fall baseball typically opens early July and closes mid August

When does the season start and end for fall baseball?

For all divisions, fall baseball runs from late August to Mid-November.

Are there residency requirements for Midlothian Little League?

Yes, Midlothian Little League has boundary lines that have been established as part of Little League District 7. You can check whether your child falls within our boundary HERE, and you can check the requirements for proof of residency HERE. You will need this proof of residency upon registration. Out of boundary youth athletes are allowed to participate, however, they will not be eligible for participation in the all-star season as the boundary restrictions would impact their eligibility. 

What are the age ranges for the various divisions?

See the division breakdown by following the Programs link on the main page.

How many games per season does each team play?

During the spring season, each team will play 10 regular season games and a minimum of 2 games in an end-of-season tournament. During the fall season there is an 8 game regular season with a single elimination tournament

How many games are played per week?

All divisions generally play 1 game per week. At times, 2 games per week might be required to make-up or to work around scheduling limitations.

How often will the teams practice during the week?

The number of practices is determined by each division and coach, but typically teams in all divisions practice ate least one day per week.

Do you honor requests to have players placed on the same teams together?

We try to honor requests for players to play together, however, this generally would have to occur at the draft with the coaches identifying kids that are requesting each other as teammates as there are limitations on building rosters outside of the draft. 

What are the rules regarding new players to MABA joining existing teams?

New players to MABA will be required to enter the draft to be placed on a roster. They will be unable to join existing teams unless they are added to a roster in the "Prime" divisions. 

What are the rules regarding existing players changing teams within the league?

Existing players in the league will be unable to "switch" teams in the league without first entering the draft unless they are moving to a "Prime" team. This rule is to prevent "team stacking" and to increase the competitive balance of the league at the recreational level. 

Can new teams to the league bring a full team?

For the recreational division, new teams in the league will be capped at (4) roster spots that can be assumed by players prior to the draft for 6U-8U. In divisions 9U and over, new teams will be capped at (3) roster spots that can be assumed by players prior to the draft.

*If a coach wants to submit for special consideration for coming in with a roster over these established numbers, it will have to be presented to the Board of Directors for approval. 

What are player evaluations and when do they take place?

Player evaluations are open to all players registered to play in all divisions.  Players are evaluated for skills in batting, fielding, catching and throwing.  There are no “cuts” from these evaluations, rather this information is used in forming the teams in these divisions to ensure there is a balance of skill levels among teams that are building new rosters. 

When will I find out what team my child is on?

Teams are assembled in early February for the Spring season and in mid August for the Fall Season. After our Coaches meeting, you will receive communication from your child's assigned coach on the next steps and pertinent information moving forward. 

When will I find out the game schedule for my child’s team?

Schedules typically come out in mid-February for the Spring season and early September for the Fall season and will be posted to the website.  These game schedules will also integrate seamlessly into the GameChanger app, which will be utilized by many coaches for team communication, scorekeeping, etc. 

Where are the games played?

Most games will be scheduled to be played at Midlothian Community Park, however, there is a chance of needing to utilize Jaycee Park as well should our schedule necessitate extra facility utilization. 

Are uniforms provided?

Uniforms are only provided at this time for 4U and 5U age divisions.

What is your refund policy if my child decides not to or cannot participate in the season?

If circumstances change and you request a refund, here is our refund policy timeline.

Prior to the close of registration = Full Refund

Up to 7 days after registration closes = Full Refund

8 or more days after Registration closes = ½ Registration Fee)

After the first scheduled game of the season = No refund

All refund requests must be submitted via email to [email protected].

What type of gear do I need to provide for my child versus what is supplied by the league?

Most teams in all divisions will have an extra batting helmet available and catcher’s gear. Tee ball uniforms consist of jerseys and hats only. Team uniforms for divisions 6U and up are coordinated by the coach of their assigned team. The coach will communicate with each parent further on needs.

Items you should purchase for your child include a baseball glove, cleats and a bat. Midlothian Little League will require bats that have the USA Baseball stamp.  Optional items you can purchase for your child include a belt, batting gloves, batting helmet, and baseball bag.


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