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GameChanger FAQs

  • I created a team in GameChanger before MABA told me to create a new team by importing it from the website.  Do I really need to create a new one?
  • Yes.  Part of the GLL IT strategy is to make use of the new features and functions that SportsConnect and GameChanger are releasing throughout the year.  If you continue with the team that has been manually created vs. one that is imported from the SportsConnect website, you will not be able to make use of these future upgrades (or functionality will be limited).

  • Behind the scenes, there is a difference between a manually created team and one that is created by “Importing from SportsConnect”.  Unfortunately, we cannot associate an existing manually created team with the website, thus it has to be created via the import method to create the link between the two products. Furthermore, there are integrations between the website and GC that coaches don’t see which require the GC to be created via import rather than from scratch.


  • How do I delete my existing team?
  • GameChanger does not allow for teams to be permanently deleted from the app. However, there is a workaround Team Staff members can use that will essentially make an unwanted team invisible. First, rename the team to VOID, remove all players, parents, and assistant staff, and then leave the team. To do this:
    • Rename the team to VOID:
      • Open the team, tap on the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen
      • Tap on "Team Info" and in the text field change the team to VOID
      • Be sure to hit "Save" before you exit. The team will no longer appear in searches by users looking to join your team.
    • Then remove all team members and leave the team:
      • From your Teams tab, tap on the team you want to leave
      • Manually remove all players, parents, and assistant staff so they will no longer see the “VOID” team in GameChanger
      • Tap on the Gear icon on the top right corner
      • Tap Leave Team
      • Confirm that you want to leave the team
  • When should I communicate to parents via email vs. using the messaging feature within the app?
    • Once you setup your team in GameChanger, email should only be used as a backup method for communication.
    • I highly encourage you to use the built-in messaging function within the GameChanger app instead of email.
  • What’s the difference between email and the GameChanger messaging feature?
    • Simply put, the GameChanger messaging feature is very similar to sending text messages except it’s done within the app and secure for only the parents and fans who are associated with the team. 
    • It’s possible to send email from the GameChanger app, however, I do not suggest this because you lose all the benefits of using the app as a “single source of truth” for all team communications and information.
  • Now that I’m setup with GameChanger, schedules are entered, parents have RSVP’d, how do I use it on Gameday?

    • First, identify a parent volunteer to score the game.  One parent can score the game for both teams if you use head-to-head scoring feature, else one parent on each team will have to score the game for their team. This will be on top of the home team keeping an official book. The GameChanger app is handy in keeping running statistics without having to do manual calculations from scorebook record keeping. 
    • Confirm rosters are entered
    • Begin scorekeeping

      • Check our scorekeeping cheat sheet here


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